Review- Order and Chaos- Liars' League

This is my first time attending Liars’ League. I heard about it when I lived in New York but have never been. I was excited to see that Hong Kong had its own version and travelled out to XXX in Kennedy Town to see the show. For newbies to HK, like myself, this part of HK is a bit unfamiliar and hard to navigate but luckily I found the venue pretty quickly. The venue was full of art and story lovers. It was so nice to see a group of people like that on Monday night!


Gain Momentum This Weekend at TedXWanchai!

We hope to see the HKELD readers at TEDxWanchai Women this Sunday. Our editor, Meaghan is one of the speakers. We are so proud to be highlighting the wonderful talent that resides in Hong Kong and help spread the HKELD mission that "Hong Kong is not a Cultural Desert."


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